MAKERSPACE Warszawa: the idea

We’re creating a unique space in the center of Warsaw. Makerspace Warszawa will be a place for creators, builders, tinkerers, hardware startups, DIY ninjas, upcycling wizards and above all – for makers.

We are makers and we want to help makers! We make many things both large and small. We’ll provide the Warsaw maker community with ample work space, proper tools, skilled mentors, inspiration and tons of good vibes – and we’re launching in 2016. Feel like you want to join us? Great, you will love it.

Makerspace Warszawa. Where WE make things.

Tedx (en): blog.makerspace.pl/inspiracje/o-ruchu-makerspace-na-tedx/


MAKERSPACE Warszawa: what we do

We’re designing a creative playground for makers ready to turn their dreams into reality.

Whether you want to master new skills and get inspiration from the vibrant community of other makers, need cutting edge machinery to build a revolutionary device that will blast the audience on Kickstarter into space and set Venture Capitalists’ hearts racing – or just need a comfortable space to build that plane model for your son (or daughter – hey, girls also like cool toys!) – Makerspace Warszawa has got you covered.

MAKERSPACE Warszawa: why we do it

Because we’re all born with the gift of creativity

Because playing with things, hacking and then fixing them is fun!

Because we believe in the power of the maker community

Because back in the day everyone was a maker. Just ask your father!

Because in a world where everything and anything is accessible, ready to use and easy to dispose of, it’s about time we rediscovered the joy of making things

MAKERSPACE Warszawa: meet the team

Przemyslaw (Premislas)

MAKERSPACE Warszawa co-founder

Manager, blogger, Arduino God

Andrzej (Andrew)

MAKERSPACE Warszawa co-founder

Manager, media specialist, maker

Andrzej (Andrew)

MAKERSPACE Warszawa co-founder

Manager, IT professional, badass woodworker

And many more!

MAKERSPACE Warszawa: we’re hiring!

No. Actually, we’re not. Not yet.

However, if you’re ready to join a creative community that’s buzzing with ideas and you’re ready to offer your help and your expertise – Makerspace Warszawa needs you!

We’re looking for people who want to contribute to our growing DIY community so we can build a truly great venue in the heart of Warsaw. If you want to be a part of Makerspace Warszawa shoot us an email and tell us a bit about yourself. We want to hear from you!


Contact to us: contact (at) makerspace.pl or KONTAKT